Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

January 9th & January 10th, VITA training sessions
January 15th, 17th and 18th, Taxslayer software training sessions
February 8TH, VITA begins
see below for more details
1. How can I sign up for updates from the VITA team?

Please email with:
● Subject line: “VITA Interest 2018-2019”
● First and last name and email address
● Specify if you are a NEW VITA participant or a RETURNING VITA participant

2. How do I become a volunteer?

Pass exams on www.linklearncertification.comDeadline January 7th 2019

New Volunteers:
● Standard of Conduct (First you need to pass this)
● Basic Exam Certification (80% to pass)
● Intake / Quality Review
● Optional: Advanced Exam Certification

Returning Volunteers:
● Standard of Conduct (First you need to pass this)
● Advanced Exam Certification (80% to pass)
● Intake / Quality Review

Once exams are passed there will be a mandatory lecture and software training sessions in January.

3. Where can I take the exam and find the study guides?

Go to

New User: Create a new account

From the drop down, select:

  • Group: 01 - VITA Volunteer

  • Training Source: Link and Learn Taxes (e-learning)

Returning User:

DO NOT create a new account. IF you forgot your password/username, simply reset it by clicking "Forgot Password" and entering you email address

4. Which study guides should I use to study for the exams?

Study Materials are on under the "QUICK LINKS" section. This is before you log in!

  • VITA/TCE Training Guide PDFs

  • Publication 2018_4491_508

  • Standards of Conduct Pub 2018_4961_508

  • Certification Test/Retest PDFs

  • Test/Retest Publication 2018_6744_508

  • Intake/Quality Review Training

  • Publication 2018_publication_5101

5. What do I do after I pass the exams?
  • Once a volunteer passes all of the required exams, copies of the certificates can be accessed from your account

  • All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Standards of Conduct Training and sign Form 13615, Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement, prior to working at a VITA site.

  • Please send us ALL certificates in ONE EMAIL labeled with:

    • Subject: "First & Last name: Certificates"

    • Your First Name and Last name along with the specific title of the certificate

      • Example: For the Basic Exam certificate, the file would be named" First and Last name - Basic Exam," and so on for each certificate


6. Schedule Requirements

A minimum of 40 hours is required over the course of 10 weeks which means at least 4
volunteer hours must be completed each week. Each VITA session will be scheduled for 4
hours. Once you confirm your session, it must be kept the SAME every week.

Tentative Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday 3:00 - 7:00 pm

  • Friday 3:00 - 7:00 pm

  • Saturday 12:30 - 4:30 pm

  • Sunday 12:30 - 4:30 pm

VITA will be open to the public from February 8th to April 15th

7. When are the deadlines?

January 7th: ALL materials requested are to be sent to by January 7th 2019

  • This includes the Certificates & Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement (4 in total)

January 2019 confirmed dates to be announced (TBA):

January 9th & 10th: VITA Theory Session (2 sessions are available; Volunteers to attend 1 of the 2 available sessions)

  • Click on the following for event details as they become available:

January 9th, 1:00 - 3:00 pm, HN C002

January 10th, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, HN C002

January 15th (1:00pm in TH405), January 17th (6:00pm in TH405) & January 18th (1:00pm in TH405) Taxslayer Software Training (3 sessions, must attend 2)

January 25th: Last Day to Confirm your VITA schedule

February 8th: VITA begins!