Gateway to Professional Accounting Success


The B.S. program in Accounting, the Department of Economics, the Hunter College Career Development Services Center and the Pre-Business office are pleased to announce the 2019 Gateway to Professional Accounting Success (GPAS) program.
Admission into the GPAS program is competitive and is based on major and cumulative GPA, recommendations from Professors, application essays and other criteria. Approximately twenty students are selected per year. Once selected, you will participate in a summer-long program focused on providing individualized guidance in resume writing, interviewing, teamwork, and professional behavior. Students who successfully complete the program will have the opportunity to be considered for winter internships, summer internships, or permanent positions at participating CPA firms, depending on where you are in your studies relative to the 150-hour educational requirement for the NYS CPA license.
At this time, three of the “Big Four” CPA firms and several other large and midsize firms are participating. The GPAS program is the primary path available to Hunter College students for consideration by these firms.
The GPAS team and the Accounting Society of Hunter College will be offering an information session about the GPAS program in the spring semester. We will provide information about the application requirements and process, and what students can expect from participating in the program. We will also have a panel of graduates of the program who will share their experiences with us.